Fun Gym Games For Kids

There are only a few kids who by birth who are interested in sports and indulging in physical activity. The majority of the kids are really not much into these things. Even though there are a lot of opportunities for them to stay fit they are ignoring it completely. They can also make use technology that has come up with the best fitness trackers for monitoring your fitness.

As adults, we know that lack of physical activity will have a lot of health complications in the future.  So all we can do is to tell them and motivate them to indulge in some kind of physical activity.

But convincing the kids and making them get out is definitely a huge challenge. The best way to make them have some sort of physical activity is to make the activity a fun filled one.  Here are some of the gym games that the kids would really find interesting

The blob tag

The best part of the blob tag is that it is a group game. More the number of players, more the fun. Decide the boundary based on the number of players. One or two can be the blob. Any player who the blob tags must join hands and become a part of it.  The rules of the game are only to stay inside the boundary and stay away without getting caught by the blob.

Garage Ball

If your kid is very fierce by nature, this game will definitely be an ideal option. Use whatever you want to hit the other players. When we say whatever you want, it means anything that is soft. Not something that would hurt people. You can use softballs, paper balls and so on. Divide the number of players equally, and you can start playing. Use music to start and stop the game rather than using a whistle. It will make the game more interesting and fun.


The tag is one of the oldest games that have ever been played. Probably it has been there for more than a hundred years. The game is simple there are players, and there is one “it.” When the person who is “It” touches the players that one becomes the “it.”  There is no end for the game. It requires a lot of running and tackling.


The game has to be played with a dodge ball. But the difference is that they do not sit outside, they sit on the same spot when they are tagged by the ball. The octopus who are the tagged kids will help to tag other players who have not yet been tagged. The last person standing is considered the winner.

Lighthouse and ships

In this game, one player is the lighthouse. A quarter of the players play the role of rocks. The remaining play the role of ships and boats. The ships and boats try to reach to safe spot which is the lighthouse. During navigation, if they bump into any rock, they also should become rocks. The rocks make the sound “Swish” and lighthouse makes the sound Beep! Beep! Beep! To help the ships and boats navigate properly and reach the safe spot.

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