Tired Moe Janken!

Kareshi Kanojyo no Mise!

Fondly known as KKnM in short by customers because of its long and complicated name, KKnM has been serving the anime community since it’s humble beginnings in 2000. KKnM specialises in original character goods such as keychains, posters, pencil boards, figurines and apparel by COSPA.

Special Promotions, only at DaiCon!

Spend RM30 (in a single receipt) and receive an AP card* (Various titles)
Spend RM50 (in a single receipt) and receive a plastic anime duffle bag!
Check out our booth for more ad hoc promotions on each day of Daicon!

*an AP card is a piece of anime artwork printed on a hard material and it is about the size of a credit card.