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Must know facts about comic con

SDCC or San Diego Comic Con is the largest comic con event in the world that brings together die hard fans, best cosplayers, and the cast of upcoming blockbusters. The following facts of information listed below, it is bound to make you enjoy and appreciate the event much more.

It all started in a basement

The San Diego Comic-Con is regarded as one of the biggest comic-cons in the world and shelters the biggest geeks across the nation. It is quite hard to digest the fact that comic-con what is today was once a get together of fans in a basement. The first comic con was in the year 1970 and was a three-day event held in the basement of a hotel which housed nearly 300 people.

Comic Con

Fans saved comic on after a break –in

Fans are indeed the lifeblood of the comic con. It is not just about cosplayers imitating their favorite heroes and dominating the streets of San Diego. It is about how the fans came together in need of time when the event was struck by a severe financial crisis, where the comic con treasurer’s house was broken into and robbed of the $12000 kept aside for running the event, and when appealed to the fans, they came together pooled in money and saved the day.

It is about more than just comics

The founders of the event wanted comic con not only to cover comics but to expand and cover all aspects of pop culture and formulating an inclusive playground for all fans to enjoy themselves. This was achieved by going beyond comics and including films and television.

The first comic-con costume contest was in 1974

Nocomic con is complete without cosplay. Costume play is a must atcomic con, as who wouldn’t want to dress up as their favorite hero,recite their dialogues and imitate their movements while walkingacross the hall of comic con. Cosplay is an integral part of theconvention experience, and it wasn’t till the fifth year of theconvention they inaugurated Masquerade, the annual costume and makeup contest in 1974.

Comics and costume are big business

Comic-con is not only crucial to fans but hugely important to the city as well. Comic-con creates jobs as it demands the service of convention center staff, security, drivers and more. Comic-con brings a rough estimate of about $135 million and $193 million to the area, among which a few million is given to the city of San Diego.

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