1. Please be abvised that Multimedia University’s current security policy requires visitors to display a Visitor Pass on the dashboard of their vehicles. Please click here to get the DaiCon Visitor’s Pass.
  2. Vehicles that fail to display the pass will not be permitted into campus grounds by the University’s security staff.
  3. Please observe the University’s rules and regulations.
  4. Please heed any instructions given by the Security Guards of the University.
  5. No smoking. Smoking causes lung cancer and gets you kicked out of the university compound.
  6. No littering is allowed within campus grounds.
  7. No alcoholic beverages within the University compound.
  8. No OUTSIDE food and drinks allowed inside the Grand Hall except within the Maid Cafe premises.
  9. Please mind your manners and be in your good behavior.
  10. Please take care of your belongings. The DaiCon committee will not be responsible for your losses.
  11. Do pay attention to any announcements from the DaiCon committee during the event.
  12. Please dress appropriately. No nudity. No revealing clothes. Period.
  13. The Lost and Found Counter is located at the Information Counter.
  14. Please seek help at the Information Counter if you experience any dificulties.
  15. Any offenses will be taken seriously. The DaiCon Committee has every right to expel you from the DaiCon premises and forfeit your ticket(s) (if any).
  16. The DaiCon Committee has the right to confiscate any prohibited items that you may possess.
  17. Please report any breach of rules or misconduct to any of our DaiCon committee members.
  18. Don’t forget to have fun!