Karaoke Competition

Competition Details

This competition will be held on Day 1 (11th July 2009)
Contestant Eligibility and Requirements
How To Register
Karaoke Competition Rules
General Information
Judges’ Scoring Scheme

Contestant Eligibility and Requirements

The competition is open to contestants of any nationality and all ages.
Contestants under the age of 12 years will require parental consent to join the competition.
Contestants must present one piece of valid identification (such as identity card, driver’s license, or passport), during the confirmation of participation.
Attach the PDF together with the necessary files and send it to karaoke@daiconnews.com

How To Register

Registration is FREE! No participation fees will be charged.
Read ALL of the Rules and Regulations featured on this page.
Download the entry form here.
Fill up the form and save it.
Attach the DOC together with the necessary files and send it to karaoke@daiconnews.com
Application forms must include the following items:
Personal photo (for publicity purposes, so please do not submit a passport photo.)
Minus-1/no-vocal tracks of their song(s) of choice.
Applications must reach the DaiCon Committee before 4th July 2009
Online registration (via email) is only for booking a slot in the competition. Confirmation of registration is to be done during the event day at least ONE HOUR before the competition starts.
Contestants are required to assemble TWENTY (20) minutes before the competition starts (will be notified). Should any contestant fail to do so, he or she will be forfeited automatically.
Limited to 24 participants. Participation is on a first come first serve basis.


Karaoke Competition Rules

The competition will be held on Day 1 (11th July 2009). A detailed schedule will be announced in the near future.
This competition is an individual competition.
However, participants are allowed to perform as a group of not more than three (3) members.
Judging for group performances will still be based on individual performance.
The competition will be divided into two rounds; preliminaries and finals
Best three (or best six depending on the number of participants) will be chosen to compete for the finals
Participants must submit at least TWO (2) songs. The reason to why we require 2 songs will be explained below.
Shall there be a redundant submission of songs by two or more participants, the earliest participant will be given priority over the song.
Other participants will be informed of its redundancy and can either choose to use the same song or pick their second choice.
Judges are allowed to comment during finals only.

WE WILL NOT ALLOW A REPETTITION OF SONGS MORE THAN TWICE. The affected participant will be notified.
If the participant is selected for the finals, he or she can either choose to sing the same song sang in the preliminaries or his/her second song of choice.
IMPORTANT! As we are running at a tight schedule, there will be a 2-minute time limit imposed for the preliminaries.

Contestants are allowed to sing full-length songs during the finals.
You can either send us a modified-to-2-minutes copy of the minus-1 OR you can choose to use the original version and allow us to ring you out when the time is up.
Leniency on time will be given depending on the song as we realise it is virtually hard to end all songs in 2 minutes.

Participants must perform songs which are categorized under either one of these categories:

Anime theme songs
Game theme songs
Each participant will receive a number tag upon registration. Participants are required to wear this tag during the duration of the competition.
Those without tags will not be allowed to enter the competition area. There will be no replacement for lost tags.
Contestants will be using the microphone provided by the organizers. Use of personal microphones is strictly prohibited.
Contestants are not allowed to bring any backup instruments, singers or dancers on stage.
Participants are NOT ALLOWED to bring the lyrics along on stage.
Lyrics will NOT BE PROVIDED.
Foul language is not allowed.
The organizer reserves the right to exchange the prizes to anything of equal value or more.
Prizes are not exchangeable.

General Information

The Organizer reserves the right to change the structure of the Competition as it sees fit including, adding, deleting or changing, auditions, competitions, venues, and contestants to the Competition.
The Organizer also reserves the right to request additional performances from the Contestants or changing the anticipated competition schedule.

All personal details and information requested by and supplied to the Organizer by each Contestant must be truthful, accurate and in no way misleading.
The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any Contestant from the Competition in its sole discretion, should the Contestant at any stage supply untruthful, inaccurate or misleading personal details and/or information or should the Contestant be ineligible for the Competition pursuant to the Competition Rules.
The administrator has the right to include any candidate’s biography (edited as appropriate) in the printed programme.

The jury has the right to stop any candidate’s performance at any stage of the competition.
Prizes are awarded, and may be withheld, at the jury’s sole discretion.
The jury’s decisions are final.

The organizers reserve the right to record or broadcast any part of the preliminaries or final without payment to the participants.
The organizers cannot accept liability for any loss or injury arising in connection with any candidate’s participation in the Competition howsoever caused.
The Organizer will have no liability to a Contestant who is unable to attend or take part in any part of the Competition for whatever reason, as determined by the Organizer in its sole discretion.
The Organizer reserves the right to amend the Competition Rules or terminate the Competition at any time without any liability to any Contestants.

Should there be any inquiries regarding the rules and regulations, please do not hesitate to send them to karaoke@daiconnews.com

Judges’ Scoring Scheme

Originality/style: 20 points
Pitch/tune: 25 points
Feel/mood: 10 points
Professionalism: 10 points
Vocal skill: 25 points
Note hold: 10 points
Total score: 100 points