Constructors’ Championship

General Information

As of Wednesday, July 8th 2009, registration for the Championship is full and has been closed. We wish to thank all participants who have signed up for the competition!
The Champsionship will be on Saturday, 11th July, from 12pm to 2pm.
TWO (2) hours of construction time will be allocated to each contestant.
The championship is open to participants of all ages.
Participants below the age of 12 must receive the consent and permission of their guardians.
The championship is completely free of charge

Rules and Regulations

All entry form must submitted before 5.00pm on Friday, 10th of July 2009.
Late entries will not be entertained.
Participants are not allowed to bring their own Gundam model kit, the kit will be provided by The DaiCon Committee

Participants are not allowed to borrow or lend their tools to/from other participants during the competition.
Participants are encouraged to bring their Gundam kits home after the competition as a complimentary gift. Everyone wins 😀

Prizes won cannot be exchanged with cash.

The DaiCon Committee will not provide participants with any tools; the participants are expected to bring their own tools.

The DaiCon Committee may record or photograph participating contestants’ during the competition at its discretion.

Entry into this competition constitutes an agreement by the participants to allow EMiNA and Litt Tak to use their photographs, video and the like in any current/future advertisement, promotion or product.

The DaiCon Committee has the right to withdraw the participation rights of any participants found breaking the rules and regulations of the competition.

The DaiCon Committee will not be responsible for any damages or losses should they occur.
The DaiCon Committee reserves the right to modify the rules and regulations without prior notice.
All judging decisions are final and no rejudging is allowed or entertained.
Please forward further enquiries to

Judging Criteria

Painting (10 points) – Quality of paintwork on the model kit, including (but not limitedto ) panel lines.

Craftsmanship (10 points) – Quality of construction, including (but not limited to) sanding, assembly, pruning off excess stubs.

Modifications (10 points) – Improvements (if any) from original kit designs by means of kit-bashing or other methods.

The contestant that receives the highest score wins the championship.