Cosplay Competition

Competition Details

Solo Competition will be held on Day 1 (11th July 2009)
Prize giving ceremony will be done on Day 2 (12th July 2009) at 5.00pm
How To Register
General Rules
Individual Cosplay Rules
Download the registration form
How To Register
Read ALL of the Rules and Regulations featured on this page.
Download the entry form here.
Fill up the form and save it.
Attach the DOC together with the necessary files and send it to
Applications must reach the DaiCon Committee before 10th July 2009

General Cosplay Rules

This competition is open to ALL who are interested regardless of age, gender, nationality and so on and so forth. In short, all are welcome to participate.
Participants below the age of 12 MUST have their parents consent before registering for the competition. When registering, the DaiCon Committee will automatically assume that consent has been given to the child by the parent. The DaiCon Committee will not be held liable for any mishap that might occur.
Materials such as props, makeup, costumes and audio are to be prepared by the cosplayers themselves. All cosplayers are responsible for their own property; The DaiCon Committee holds no responsibility towards any damages or losses during the event.

For safety reasons, no explosives / radioactive / reactive / corrosive / flammable / volatile / toxic substances are allowed. In addition to that, all dangerous weapons or any other props that may bring harm to others are firmly forbidden. On stage, (non-firing) toy weapons will be allowed without any doubt but do bear in mind that any real weapon will result in immediate disqualification.

Performances that might endanger the cosplayer or the public are not allowed.
Acts that include confetti, fireworks, flash paper, small messy objects or other forms of pyrotechnic and water are also strictly banned. In addition, no food and/or animal are allowed on stage. This is to ensure a clean and hassle-free program flow. In a nutshell, what goes on stage comes down with you.

Participants are required to dress and act decently. Revealing clothes, nudity and/or vulgar actions are strictly prohibited inside the campus where the competition is being held.
Under NO circumstances is anyone allowed to enter the changing room or toilet of the opposite gender.
The DaiCon Committee has the right to withdraw the participation rights of any cosplayer found breaking the rules and regulations of the competition (This includes being late).

Prizes will be forfeited if the winner (or a representative) does not present him/herself at the prize giving ceremony. The judges’ decision is final. No appeals would be entertained.

The DaiCon Committee may record or photograph participating contestants’ act/performance at its discretion. Entry into this competition constitutes an agreement by the participants to allow DaiCon to use their photographs, video and the like in any current/future advertisement, promotion or product.
The DaiCon Committee reserves the right to change the rules and regulations without prior notice.
For further enquiries about cosplaying, please send your queries to

Individual Cosplay Competition Rules

Kindly download and fill up the registration form for the cosplay competition here and email it to together with a picture of your character and any audio file you might want to play for your turn.
Any file that is to big to be attached to the email can be uploaded to any file-sharing sites (e.g.: mediafire, megaupload and rapidshare) and do include the link to the file in your email. The DaiCon Committee will then download the file. The audio is not compulsory for each participant, however, the picture is.
The deadline for registration is at 5.00pm on 10th of July (the day before DaiCon) sharp. No entries will be accepted after that. Take note that no registration will be received on the day of the event. This is to ensure that the competition will run smoothly on the day itself.
All participants who have submitted their registration forms to us are required to confirm their participation latest by 11.00am on 11th of July (the day of the event).
Registration tags will be given upon confirmation. The registration tag is to be clearly displayed throughout the duration of the whole event.
Participants without the registration tag will not be allowed to go on stage. Please note that the DaiCon Committee will not be responsible in replacing any lost tags.

Cosplayers are allowed to cosplay any character from the following genre:
J-pop/rock (with specific title)

Original cosplays are not allowed in the competition.
For the preliminary round of the competition, participants are required to do whatever they feel befits the manner of the character they are cosplaying. Participants are encouraged to portray their character�s signature move/style/pose/personality.
The time limit for this round is 1 (ONE) minute.
6 finalists will then be selected by the judges and the finalists will be tested again in the final round to see how well they can stay in character.
There are 3 prizes to be won in the Best Cosplayer category. They are the first prize, runner up and second runner up.
The judges’ decision is final. No appeals would be entertained.