Experience the Culture!


A Celebration of Japanese Modern Visual Culture.

What is DaiCon?

Modern Visual Culture

Discover the best and greatest of Japanese modern visual culture through DaiCon! Start here if you don’t know what this whole event is about.


Cosplay Competition

Dress up, gear up and arm up as your favourite character from any anime, manga or video game! Play out your role and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes from Animax and Borders! Come as a group, or go solo and conquer the stage!

Figurine Exhibition

The Figure Mall will be showcasing their massive collection of beautiful and awe-inspiring figurines, created by master craftsmen from Japan!

Macross Compendium

Protoculture is coming to DaiCon! Be sure not to miss the grand spectacle of an entire fleet of Valkyries, crossing through time and space across the Macross universe brought to you by the

Karaoke Competition

Sing your heart out! Bring forth your passion and million-dollar vocals! Who knows, you might just walk away with fantastic prizes!

Snacks and more!

We will be setting up shop in campus to bring you delicious snacks imported all the way from Japan, courtesy of Shojikiya!


Experience the Culture!

Happy Hours

Come and immerse yourself in wonderful and fascinating exhibitions displaying the best and the greatest of Japanese modern visual culture!

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